Teach Yourself Sudoku

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TeachYourselfSudodu.com was created and is maintained by Gary Ward.  For 10+ years, Gary has been the  President of Smart Games, Inc. (www.SmartGames.com), and has overseen the production and publishing of thousands of computer-based puzzle games in numerous genres (word, picture, sound, logic, etc.)  Smart Games has won several awards for its brain stimulating puzzle games and remains the industry leader.


The goal of TeachYourselfSudoku.com is to provide an exchange of information and ideas that will make fans of Sudoku better players through a richer understanding of how to play the game.  By doing so, it is hoped that more people will be encouraged to share their enthusiasm for Sudoku.  If you feel that you’ve benefited by using the site, please help spread the word about TeachYourselfSudoku.com.




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