Teach Yourself Sudoku

Learn the secrets that let you easily solve Sudoku puzzles faster!

Learn how to play Sudoku like an expert in just a few lessons. Go at your own pace, stop and start whenever you like, and repeat any lesson until you’re sure you understand it.

Beginner to Advanced—Learn to play Sudoku!

Teach Yourself Sudoku is dedicated to all of the Sudoku fanatics—from beginners to advanced players-that want to learn how to play Sudoku and do it better, faster, and smarter.

If you’ve never played Sudoku, Teach Yourself Sudoku will take you through a step-by-step process to make sure that you understand the basic concepts of this popular game.  With this solid foundation, you can easily move on the techniques needed to solve even the most demanding Sudoku puzzles. 

For experienced Sudoku players, you’ve probably learned how to play Sudoku a little bit here and a little bit there, learning as you go.  And although you probably know most of the information contained in the early lessons, it is still worth your time to quickly scan them as many terms and concepts are introduced in the earlier lessons.  Enjoy!




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